Boho Chic

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a girl in possession of a slim and trim body must be in want of a decent outfit.

Enter: The Boho Chic.

A smooth, earthy, borderline hippie style, the ‘Boho Chic’ fasion wave is spreading like wildfire over the US. Long, beach-y dresses with that tangy Bohemian feel are seen in almost every store window. Add that to the strappy, no-heel sandals, stone necklaces and hand-made or woven jewlery and bags, and you’ve got yourself a Boho Chic.

The Boho Chic fashion includes earthy tones, ‘back-to-nature’ style jewelry consisting of shells, stones and feathers and brightly colored headscarves. Woven bags and bracelets are also a large part of the mix. Long hair [sometimes crimped or curled] worn in loose pig-tails or ponytails can usually be seen accompanying the style. Make-up consists of the same natural tones of brown, sky blue, or dark, forest greens.

Although this new fashion is spreading quickly, one must wonder how long the Bohemian fashion wave will last. It seems all the world peace icons, bright colored head scarves and ‘Do Hugs Not Drugs’ led us right into this new era of fashion. But, in my opinion, this won’t be a ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ fad. The Bohemian look/style will go deep into the heart of fashion, and continue to influence and inspire other looks in the years to come.


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